Meet the team

Peter Vuillermin

Associate Professor Peter Vuillermin is a general paediatrician with an interest in the early life origins of immune related disorders in the modern environment. He has a particular interest in the relationship between the modern environment and diet, the microbiome and its metabolites, and the early life origins of immune dysregulation, allergic disease and asthma.

Anne-Louise Ponsonby

Professor Anne-Louise Ponsonby (PhD) is an environmental epidemiologist and public health physician, who is interested in the determinants and management of disease at the population level. She has dedicated her life to understanding food allergy development, multiple sclerosis, and environmental influences on neurodevelopment outcomes. As a public health physician, Professor Ponsonby has a highly active and ongoing role in research translation and preventative medicine. Professor Ponsonby has 427 publications, and has contributed to three patents.