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The Barwon Infant Study (BIS) is a major birth cohort study that has been running since 2010 out of the Child Health Research Unit (CHRU) at Barwon Health and in collaboration with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) and Deakin University.

We thank all of our participants for your continued involvement and support, allowing our BIS researchers to answer the important questions about child development and discover new and exciting ways to improve our health. With over 1000 participants since birth and no new recruitment since 2013, our participants are the most valuable ‘tool’ in improving the health outcomes in children.

Current Research: Primary School Review

BIS has come a long way, with our eldest participants now in primary school. We have commenced Primary School Reviews and can’t wait to see all the BIS babies as big school children over the coming years.


Our amazing BIS bus is back on the road visiting BIS kids at local primary schools with fun measures including:

  • Growth measurements (Seeing how much you have grown)
  • Physical activity (Testing your strength)
  • Cardiovascular measures (Checking in on your heart)
  • Dental (Inspecting your teeth)
  • Lung Function (Working with your breath)
  • Neurodevelopmental measures (Playing some brain games)

Check out the Primary School Review page here. 


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If you and your BIS kid would like to take part in the Primary School Review, or you would like to update your contact details please get in touch using

Phone/SMS: 0400 432 976


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